Meet Chloe Peterson

Chloe Peterson is the author of several heartfelt LGBT romances. She loves nothing more than giving members and supporters of the LGBT community stories that represent them. When she's not writing, she's usually reading or scrolling through her favorite fan fiction sites.

Chloe loves nothing more than conversing with her readers. Feel free to reach out at chloe [at]


When her best friend's girlfriend asks her to help plan a surprise three-year anniversary party, event planner Amy Clark is flung into emotional turmoil.

For years, she's hidden her secret crush, going as far as avoiding the happy couple whenever possible. But Danielle’s blue eyes and dimpled smile, are hard to resist.

Now, Amy finds herself spending extra time with a woman she can't have, forced to hide her feelings or she'll ruin not one, but two longstanding relationships.



Small Town Romances Series

Whiteheart Clan Series

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